Thursday, 30 September 2010


You've all seen this sight before

But the mess is being transferred to here

The bateau lit is The Young One's old bed and she wants it back.

So I've managed to get the room to look like this

Since taking that photo the bed has been dismantled.  We discovered woodworm in it so it has been sprayed and the house now reeks.

Tomorrow the bed will be with its rightful owner, she'll be one happy girl, and I can start the


I'm getting EXCITED.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Beautiful Batiks

The Fabric Fairy paid a visit again on Wednesday.

She really did herself proud this time.



Mouth watering


and hidden amongst that stack above were these.

Not a very good photo - sorry.  It doesn't do the colours justice.  They really are heavenly.
They've given me some much needed inspiration.  I'm finally going to take the plunge and start cutting up my batik collection (deep breaths).

Thank you so much Fabric Fairy.  You know who you are!

Friday, 17 September 2010


Bouncing back.  Not much to show I'm afraid.

Seem to have come to a grinding halt on the quilting front,

But I have been sitting at the kitchen table sewing these.

I'm drawing away from quilting at the moment and amateur photography seems to have taken over my life.  With such a fantastic camera it is hardly surprising.

Anyway, I didn't want to turn this quilting blog into a photography one (cos it's not about that!).  So I've started a photography blog (click on the link at the top of the sidebar - where the camera is).  I've even surprised myself with some of the shots I've taken recently.

 Now I really must start on that pink quilt.

See ya!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Taking a Break

I haven't got much to show on the quilting front at the moment and most of the stuff I'm doing is charity work, so I'm taking a blogging break.

I've desactivated myself from the web ring so please don't click on the Liberated Quilters web ring badge cos it won't work.

I'lll be back when I've cleared the backlog of Quilts 4 Leukaemia quilts and have finally got something liberated to show.

See ya!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


It was Labour Day weekend for my friends on the other side of The Pond, so the Liberated Quilters Yahoo group decided to hold an online virtual retreat.  Our online retreats don't just last the weekend.  They can go on for days - just like real ones.  So we are retreating up to and including tomorrow.

I couldn't join in properly until yesterday as The Young One was home from lycée and we had shopping and washing to catch up on before she returned yesterday.

However, once I got the chores out of the way, the cover came off the sewing machine and we were off.

(Please excuse the poor quality of the photos.  Even my lovely Panasonic can't take good photos if it's raining outside!)

First up - another finished top for Q4L

It's gone a bit wonky as some of the blocks weren't exactly 8.5 inches square.  Heigh ho.

When I took the third row off the wall to sew together, I found a crumbs block that I had started, doing L&E's between the red and white blocks.

I just had to start adding to it.  Out came the crumbs bin and the plans for the rest of the day sort of went out of the window!

Then I started getting a guilt complex about not starting my niece's quilt.  I've been pondering about this for weeks.  Not at all sure what to do and promising myself that Estella's quilt won't be overshadowed by it.  The first niece is always the favourite!

Anyway, I've finally made a start.

I'm going to make some more blocks up and take it from there. Sort of log cabin'ish I think. Just keep adding strips of pink

See ya!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Rentrée 2010

Well, she's gone!

Took her to Lycée yesterday afternoon, made sure she collected her text books and got her ensconsed in her "dorm" with 2 other friends.

The biggest laugh was that someone's mother said we have to take duvet's and pillows, as well as a bottom sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases.

We took the sheet, cover and cases, but The Young One thought she knew better and left the pillows and duvet behind.

When we got there - one blanket and a typical French bolster!  I had to laugh.  Teenagers are always right aren't they!  Serves her right!  And no I'm not going to drive over there today with them.  She'll have to make do until she comes back tomorrow!

Now to attack her bedroom!

See ya!